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Chilled Semen


The cost of the package is €227 incl. VAT

The package includes:

  • Full assessment on arrival at the clinic.
  • Endometrial swab on admission.
  • Ovulatory hormone if required.
  • Oxytocin as required.
  • All scans necessary throughout the duration of the stay until insemination (once mare is in season and ready for close monitoring).
  • A single post cover flush if required.

Extras, will be charged in addition to the package fee:

  • Overnight board of longer than 3 nights.
  • Treatments if required
  • Any extra flushes required before or after insemination
  • Scanning of the mare prior to admission at the clinic is not included. (this includes both in clinic walk in and on farm scans)
  • Pregnancy scans


  • The organisation and the cost of delivery of the semen to the clinic is entirely the responsibility of the mare owner. Deliveries must be made during normal working hours. Having the semen arrive in a timely fashion decreases risks of missing cycles due to delivery failure.
  • Any arrangements for returning shipping containers are the responsibility of the mare owner.
  • Semen that is grossly contaminated or of poor quality will not be inseminated.

On arrival:

The mare must be in season on arrival.

Please ensure that you have completed a mare registration form and given up to date contact details. All mares should arrive with their passports.

Mares must be previously handled and able to be safely handled in the stocks.